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Unable to setup tunnel on Windows 7....

Started by hikerguy, November 20, 2014, 05:50:07 PM

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I registered with HE, went through the process of building a tunnel, then grabbed the auto-generated config file. When I paste in the config, I get the following error message (I am running the "DOS prompt" window as admin):

C:\>netsh interface ipv6 add v6v4tunnel interface=IP6Tunnel
You were not connected because a duplicate name exists on the network. If joining a domain, go to System in Control Pane
l to change the computer name and try again. If joining a workgroup, choose another workgroup name.

I have tried using both my private IP and NAT'd IP with no change. Any help would be MUCH appreciated.




It's telling you the IP6tunnel interface already exists.  Google how to reset your IPv6 stack and try again


try this
netsh int ipv6 delete interface IP6Tunnel