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ipv6 Google services

Started by Kurogane, November 10, 2014, 06:27:29 PM

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I have a problem with gmail, youtube etc over ipv6 tunnel, the problem is google open to slow, youtube i'm getting ridiculous slow speed, in youtube i'm getting in whatever video speed 50 kbits/s to 200 kbits/s with a connection 10 mbits/s and if i disable IPv6 i'm getting normal speed in Youtube and other google services not slow me.

What is the cause of the issue? this happend in the begin (around 2 years) and yesterday i notice this is the cause of the issue. I've lived all this time deceived thinking it was my ISP


It still may be your ISP.  The routes via IPv4 and IPv6 to your destination are probably radically different.


Maybe not coincidently, I experience same using comcast native ipv6.


Here's a public address lookup of youtube.com:


And for www.youtube.com:


So...  One IPv6 address for each domain and...a whole lot of IPv4 addresses for each domain.  Why is this a problem?  Well, the following people are using IPv6 to access these services:

1. Everyone with Android 4 on T-Mobile.
2. Everyone with an LTE phone on Verizon.
3. A massive number of people on Comcast.

Seems to be a bit much for that one IPv6 host...