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Disappearing rDNS delegation

Started by jbwisemo, September 13, 2015, 09:01:19 AM

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I have recently seen a strange behavior where new rDNS delegations reverted to point to ns*.he.net but didn't change in the web interface on www.tunnelbroker.net.

Specifically, I needed to bring up 2 new tunnels in a hurry because another tunnelbroker arbitrarily closed the tunnels due to a small issue and refused to reopen them.  So I set the new rDNS delegations to point to my "hidden primary" DNS servers because it would take time to activate secondary DNS on my usual provider, however the NS RRs on my "hidden primary" still pointed to that usual provider.

The delegation seemed to work fine and I moved on to the issue of renumbering a complex site also hurt in the process.

However as I recently returned to the task of setting up the usual secondary DNS, I found that the rDNS was no longer being delegated to my hidden primary, but was back to pointing to ns*.he.net which just returned "no such record" or "no such domain" for the relevant queries.

So what happened?

Did a consistency checking script at he see the premature NS RRs on my primary, check that the secondary did not yet host the zone and silently revert to default?

Did something else fail somewhere?