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Multiple Client Side IPv4 endpoints using same /48 tunnel

Started by NavankurIT, October 28, 2015, 07:07:58 PM

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Is it possible to have multiple /64 networks - terminating at different IPv4 addresses (on at least the client side) for a single /48?

This is because I have multiple VPS in many data centers without native IPv6 and want to use parts of the same /48 to provide IPv6 connectivity.

If this is possible, pointers to configuration for the same.



No, it is not possible.

If you want HE tunnel service at multiple locations (or at least multiple IPv4 addresses) you'll need to create a separate tunnel for each one.
Matt Wilson


Thank you. I guessed so.

So, what can I use the /48 for?


Use it for whatever you want on that network. I would guess that the most common use was that if someone wanted more than one /64 network at their location. Perhaps to keep a production network separate from a test network, or some other network segregation need. They could also just be experiementing with and testing IPv6 with the tunnel before getting native IPv6 and might want to do some testing of IPv6 routing between networks.

Since best practices for IPv6 is to assign a network no smaller than a /64, this is how HE is delivering the capability to have more than one network without them having to get involved in multiple manually configured setups.
Matt Wilson


Matt's correct; you get a /48 if you have more than one network.  For example, if you're running a wireless network and also want to run a guest wireless network, you'd need two /64's (one for each)