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6to4 tunnel stop working after reboot or few hours inactivity - Windows Server

Started by ahforoozani, July 23, 2016, 10:55:21 AM

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hi all
I have VPN Server on my Windows Server 2012R2
and it assign ipv6 ( tunnelbroker ) to clients
it works fine and route all ipv6 traffic throw 6to4Tunnel

but problem is
1- after reboot
2- after few hours inactivity

VPN clients wont able to route any ipv6 traffic throw the VPN

so I must delete 6to4 tunnel  and create it again to make it work again

netsh interface ipv6 delete interface IP6Tunnel


As for #2, that's often a firewall issue.  An easy way to fix is to run a ping script every hour or so