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Tunnel does not work on Hyper-V Windows 10 guest.

Started by mstrother, October 28, 2016, 08:02:21 AM

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I'm attempting to setup up a Windows v6v4tunnel on Windows 10 Build 14393. Creating the tunnel is straight-forward.

netsh interface ipv6>add v6v4tunnel IP6Tunnel
netsh interface ipv6>add addr IP6Tunnel 2001:480:a:40b::2/64

When I attempt to create the tunnel on Windows 10 running as a guest it does not work. For testing I have disabled all firewalls. I am using a single network adapter which is shared with the OS.

For testing I attempted creating the tunnel on a standalone PC and it works without issue. I also created the tunnel on the Hyper-V host and it also worked correctly. This rules out any network, firewall, or NAT issues. I only have issues run attempting to create the tunnel on a Hyper-V guest.

Tunnel traffic is not TCP or UDP. It is passed as IP protocol 41. It appears as though protocol 41 traffic is not being passed to the Hyper-V guest.

How can I debug this further and get my tunnel running correctly? Does anything additional need to be done to pass protocols other than TCP/UDP to a Hyper-V guest?


How are you presenting the network to the guest?  I haven't used HyperV in a while, but IIRC you could do things like native, NAT, bridged, ect.


On Windows 10, 2012, and 2016 when you install Hyper-V a virtual switch is created. Hyper-V guests connect to the switch as does the machines physical NIC. There's really no configuration. You can setup VLANS etc. but I'm using the default configuration. The switch should pass any IP protocol.

I imagine others must be running tunnels on Hyper-V guests. Was anything special required to get things running? I'm certain this is related to Hyper-V as the tunnel works fine outside Hyper-V and I'm using the exact same configuration. Just for the sake of testing I even tried an Ubuntu guest instead of Windows and it doesn't work either.


Spent quite a bit of time on this. I don't know how to proceed to debug this further.

Is anyone running a tunnel on a Hyper-V guest?