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geo-ip for HE Subnets

Started by NebuchadnezzarNet, February 05, 2017, 09:05:43 AM

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What's the latest about IPv6 geo-ip databases?

I can't say its been a huge issue for me personally but Im randomly picked up as an Russian or US guy when I'm actually in Sweden..
Do HE use the location I've provided in my profile to update any geo ip databases for my /64 and /48? Is that a process that can be triggered?

Just curious how it actually works and if there has been any progress on the IPv6 side?


Basic location data (city, state, country) is in the rWHOIS data associated with the tunnel's IPv6 assignments, per RIR requirements, and suitable for use by external tools.  IPv6 assignments are also from a pool specific to a tunnel server, and those have never been re-used or moved between servers.

That said, GeoIP vendors tend to use their own heuristics to determine location, and not use public information.  Additionally, tunnels, due to their very nature, tend to create errors in those heuristics.  For example: latency checks can be off if your location is widely divergent from the tunnel server, or your ISP's connectivity to us is not close to either your IPv4 side or the tunnel server.