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Tunnel not working, testing in three different locations

Started by kingphil, December 18, 2017, 02:09:09 PM

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On Saturday, I attempted to revive a Hurricane Electric Tunnel I had established earlier in the year. It had been down for a month or two, as I had partially rebuilt a new router (and just had not bothered). At home, my ISP is AT&T, who historically blocked protocol 41, but certainly didn't seem to be doing so for the first half of 2017. At home, I confirmed this was a problem on Fedora 26, and on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

I encountered the same problems with a public IP I have from a colocation benefit at my current employer. I spoke with the Sysadmin this morning; he does not believe they would have any reason to block protocol 41. Confirmed on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and CentOS 7.

So, I rented a Linode. Same issue.

I am following the instructions from the Example Configurations, Linux-route2 flavor. The firewall rules are intentionally and embarrassingly wide open.

I have tried further the "6rd" amendment listed in the Linux-route2 instructions.

In all cases, the instructions execute with no errors. The he-ipv6 interface is created. "ip -6 route show" looks reasonable. But I can not ping6 any known IPv6 addresses, nor specifically ping6 the "Server IPv6 Address".

What is up? Has there been an unreported outage from the last few days? The server IPv4 endpoint is "Server IPv4 Address:" (I believe this is the Dallas one).


I have not seen any one posting about Dallas issues.

What are you using for your tunnel now?

I block proto41 at my place of employment; I don't want anyone else setting up tunnels, so your current employer might want to look into that.

Beyond that, you could try changing tunnel servers or firing up wireshark to see what's going on