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Client IPv4 Address keeps changing

Started by jervin, May 11, 2017, 09:02:38 AM

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I'm trying to track down a problem where my Client IPv4 address in my account at tunnelbroker keeps changing from what it's supposed to be.  I'm sure it's something that I've done in the past but not sure what.  at least once a day, my IPv6 tunnel (6in4) goes down and I have to correct the Client IPv4 address in my record.  It keeps changing it to  I have the tunnel set up on my DD-WRT router.  And it works great until that address is changed.  then I have to run a little HTML thing to correct it, takes seconds but my ipv6 is down until I do. 

I do have a dynamic IPv4 address, but it hasn't changed in weeks.  The only thing I "think" i've done on DD-WRT is to have a command to allow the hurricane electric/tunnelbroker software to ping my router to verify the connection.

Next step is to change my password to try to rule out that it's nothing I'm doing.


I've never heard of this before...you could try and create a new tunnel and test to see if that has the same issue


Well, right now I'm trying to rule things out.  I have a script running that will tell me when the change occurs and then I can check my various logs to see if anything was going on at the time.

I can also change my password to rule out external things.

I've done searches on that IP address and haven't found anything.  Evidently I can ping the address.


Well, I changed my password and the client ip address didn't get changed last night to the wrong address.  So, I'll keep monitoring it.

So far, best solutions seems to have been "change password" (to a more secure one)