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Cannot view IPv6 websites.

Started by bigshorty, February 22, 2018, 02:04:28 AM

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Hoping someone might be able to help me with an issue I have with IPv6 websites not loading.

I created an ipv6 tunnel this morning and configured a 6in4 tunnel on my Asus RT-AC86U router, that bit went well. However, when it comes to setting up the WAN DDNS settings I get a 'Request Error: Try again' message pop up. The weird thing is that even with this error I can ping ipv6.google.com from my router, and also through command prompt on my PC, however when I try and load ipv6.google.com on my browser I get a 'This site cannot be reached' message.

Can anyone give me some advice or help on what I might be doing wrong?

Any thoughts / views on this would be greatly appreciated.

Additional note:

I've managed to sort the WAN DDNS settings, I was using the wrong username  ::)

Unfortunately, I'm still left with some websites not loading at all, mainly from browser bookmarks. Any ideas why this might be happening and how I can rectify it would be appreciated.


My first thought was an MTU issue, but I'm not completely convinced of that yet.

What happens if you try from another machine so we can rule out the software aspect of it?