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6in4 tunnel in Oracle VM VirtualBox Debian version 9.5 Linux virtual machine.

Started by Rewillis, February 01, 2019, 08:45:18 AM

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Attention: He.net forum members:
     Last night I configured the he.net 6in4 tunnel in my Oracle VM VirtualBox Debian version 9.5 Linux virtual machine.  After that, I typed in the following two commands from my Linux command prompt:

     root@debian:/home/russell# ifdown he-ipv6; ifup he-ipv6

After pressing the "return" key, there were no error messages.  The purpose of these two commands was to apply the he.net DNS servers.  Also, this morning I used the w3m Linux command-line web browser to attempt to view the two uniform resource locators ( URL's ) provided on your web page, namely: (1) http://ipv6.google.com and (2) http://kame.net.  However, I received the error message that w3m was unable to load these two web pages.  W3m works fine with other web pages, though.  The client IPv4 address provided under my he.net user account is "," but the IPv4 address shown on both of my dynamic update clients ( DUC's ) is ""  I am wondering if this might be part of the problem.  I am able to successfully ping the IPv4 server address provided under my he.net user account, that is, ""  This morning, I set port forwarding in my Netgear DGN1000 router to port 41.  Why is w3m not able to load the two url's mentioned above?  Thank you ( see Colossians 3:15, for example ) for your help and your patience.  Keep in touch.  :)

Sincerely in Christ,
Russell E. Willis
P.S. - Please read Proverbs 23:23.