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www.openstreetmaps.org not reachable

Started by missingusername, February 13, 2019, 01:44:24 PM

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Could someone help to resolve a problem of www.openstreetmaps.org not being reachable over IPv6? This looks like an HE-specific problem. In HE Looking Glass, https://lg.he.net/ pings to all 3 IPv6 addresses of www.openstreetmaps.org are not coming back. However, in http://www.traceroute6.net/ the pings are replied just fine. Also, http://ipv6-test.com/validate.php reports that www.openstreetmaps.org is accessible for them just fine.

Thank you!


That website's IPv6 connectivity is serviced by Cogent. Cogent lacks several IPv6 routes in their network such as to Google or Hurricane Electric.


The Cogent guys are morons, and thus their network infrastructure isn't well configured.  They got their IPv6 allocation in 2003, but didn't implement any part of it until 2010.

There are some places that are still IPv4 only.  What "Broquea" said doesn't surprise me.  If he had said the opposite (i.e. that Cogent had competent personnel), that would have surprised me.