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IPv6 Email Support Options

Started by lateinautumn, April 19, 2019, 01:26:19 AM

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I am going through the HE.net IPv6 Certification progcess, and am stuck with an IPv6-capable email service. Currently my email service is provided by Microsoft's Exchange Online, and their IPv6 inbound needed to be opted-in manually. I contacted the support team, and was told that opt-in IPv6 inbound would break a domain's capability to receive emails over IPv4 (so no dual-stack).

I have two questions regarding this:
- Are there any dual-stack options available? From my limited Googling it seems that dual-stack options are pretty limited and messy and I probably have to set up a inbound relay by myself, as described in https://engineering.linkedin.com/email/sending-and-receiving-emails-over-ipv6.
- If I cannot easily get dual-stack email working, how much impact I would be expecting from using just IPv6?



Gmail has IPv6 records, so if you used their business edition with your domain you *should* be OK.  You could also get a server from someplace like Vultr for $3.50 a month and run you own, along with the webserver, if needed.

If you went IPv6 only, your problem would be that you'd be unable to receive email from IPv4 only domains, and as you've mentioned, most of them are IPv4 only.  If you're only using your domain for this test, that's not a big deal.  If you're using your domain for more important things, it's probably a bigger deal.