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tserv6.fra1 routing problems

Started by toshio, March 10, 2019, 07:23:59 AM

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Traffic is not reaching my tunnel endpoint. To the best of my abilities, I'm suspecting routing problems on HE side.

Data I gathered so far:
- Ping from ::2 client endpoint to ::1 server endpoint works (which proves that IPv4 transport works as expected in both directions).
- Ping from ::2 client endpoint to a tunnel on tserv5.lon1 delivers ICMPv6 packet to destination, but the reply doesn't reach me.
- Ping from ::2 client to non-HE ipv6 address behaves in the same way: requests go out, responses never return.
- There's no ingress traffic on the tunnel apart from ICMPv6 replies from ::1 server endpoint when pinged. I'd expect at least DNS and SMTP chatter.
- HE traceroute6 from stops at 2nd hop (core3.fmt2.he.net> traceroute ipv6 2001:470:....::2  source 2001:470:0:23c::1 numeric)
- HE traceroute6 from within reaches stalls at 7th hop, nothing reaches my client (core1.fra1.he.net> traceroute ipv6 2001:470:....::2  source 2001:470:0:2a::1 numeric)

My naive guess would be that tserv6.fra1 is not announcing locally connected networks.



  can confirm this. Same at my site.


For me everything is working again.