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Anycast Locations for dns.he.net domain hosting....

Started by snarked, July 17, 2019, 05:38:32 PM

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Per a test run at URL http://www.solvedns.com/dnsspeedtest/he.net, it appears as if you don't have any anycasted versions of your hosting domain servers in the "Oceania" part of the world (Australia, New Zealand, and associated Southwest Pacific islands).

Most locations in the speed test do have a response less than 10ms, but the Sydney, Australia location comes in over 140ms for all 5 virtual servers (over 200ms for ns1).  However, your network map does show peering points in both AU and NZ.

Any plans to add additional anycasted DNS hosting servers in Australia, New Zealand, or places nearby?  Sydney suggested (per your current network map)....


Isn't this just a reflection of whatever host that the site uses to test from Sydney? (Or just Sydney in general? In terms of the root and net ns that are there) It's kind of weird that whichever one is listed in the SOA consistently gets worse numbers. Like if you just try the test for net. you can kinda see how this is bound to happen since apparently they make multiple queries from each location and take the average.

Also I'm not that convinced of the competency of whoever is responsible for the statistical analysis, since they seem to have taken 9 numbers and fabricated what I'm guessing is a normal distribution to get their "95% Confidence Interval" (notwithstanding the fact that those numbers themselves are averages of less-than-random results). Like, you know you did something wrong when hints like negative response times start showing up...

Anyway, I was just wondering, how does IPv4 anycast work? Can I glean how HE setup looks like using traceroute in the BGP looking glass somehow or would that be useless since it's inside?