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slow ipv6 throughput - german POP

Started by stefanbauer, July 11, 2020, 10:35:18 AM

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we see very low throughput through our v6 tunnel. POP Endpoint ist Germany/Frankfurt.

Our ISP provides 200Mbit/50Mbit (vodafone).
curl tests show full speed on v4.

With v6 through HE, max is 30Mbit.

What do you see through your tunnels?

Any way to speed up v6 traffic?



Jens Z.

Same here with Vodafone (formerly Unitymedia) 600/60MBit connection and only about 30MBit via HE Tunnel from Frankfurt


Tested today from Vodafone Germany with 100/10 Mbits on Frankfurt tunnel servers:

Down: 15 Mbit/s
Up: 10 Mbit/s

for the tunnel server in Berlin it is a bit lower. Running the tunnel on an Raspi 3 B+ (and routing trough it), so i suspect this is even more bottlenecked then your connection because of this.