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Plans on a PoP in Milan?

Started by alerinaldi, October 14, 2019, 03:50:35 AM

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after a lot of issues (and fun, because there's no fun without issues  ;) ) I finally have a working tunnel in my home network. The issues I had were mainly related to the Broadcom chipset issue that is preventing TCP sessions from correctly establish.

I live near Milan and I'm using the Zurich PoP, which is the one that is adding me less latency (about 20ms).

I was just wondering if you have plans on adding a PoP in Milan, since I see you already have three points of presence here :)



i bump this thread, i think that a tunnel server in Milan will be a good thing


+1 for a tunnel server in Milan.. it would be great not only for Italy but for southern europe in general


A HE Tunnelbroker PoP in Italy would be great, and I am definitely interested. Since SIXXS faded away, Fastweb is the only Italian ISP providing IPv6 (although only /64 subnets).
So we either wait decades for the other ISPs to provide IPv6, or we keep using HE with the Swiss PoP. In any case, we won't have any native IPv6 connectivity for mobile internet connections any time soon, which is the most annoying part.
Maybe the request for a new PoP should come from an upper tier ISP?


I would also be interested in a tunnel endpoint in Milan, as I think most ISPs in Italy peer at the MIX.