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Adding SRV Record Fails

Started by mickeymoose, February 18, 2022, 12:03:57 PM

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I attempted to add an SRV record:

Domain: _caldav._tcp
Priority: 0
Weight: 0
Port: 4190
Target: [left blank]

Upon submission the following error was displayed:

"SRV record must contain WEIGHT PORT FQDN. (0 4190 is not valid)."

I also tried specifying domain as _caldav._tcp with my domain appended to the end like _caldav._tcp.example.com.

I have a free account so maybe this record type is not available to me.  Otherwise, what am I doing wrong or is the SRV record form/submission broken?

Thanks your your feedback.


Per the error message, you are missing two fields:
- both your priority and weight are zero, but you only have 1 zero.
- the target may not be blank.


Both weight and priority were specified as zero which the form indicates is allowed.  Regardless, maybe I misunderstood the form versus RFC 6764 in that the form has a Target field - which you indicated was required.  Whereas the RFC discusses Context Path which seems to be optional.  I was able to add the record once I populated Target (leaving weight and priority at zero).

<shrugs - learning new things>

Thanks for your help.