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tserv6.fra1 down? [26.08.22]

Started by Talustus, August 25, 2022, 11:48:45 PM

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Hello, just short but important question :D

is "tserv6.fra1" down?
i cant reach it and tunnel server status page says
that it is down




Seems to be an bigger issue... From a technician perspective would i be interested in the reason for this downtime


According to the status site, it is up again:


But it is still not working for me.


For it is working again: https://theyosh.nl/smokeping.cgi?target=IPv6
Just added the IPv4 endpoint today, but the IPv6 graph shows the downtime.



I am unable to get the tunnel back up again (sitting on Vodafone/Kabel Deutschland) since 25th of August. I get ICMP unreachables back when trying to reconnect. > 31.16.56.##: ICMP protocol 41 port 13717 unreachable, length 108

I was able to set up a new, different tunnel terminating in US.

Anyone experiencing the same? The tunnelconfig is quite old. Terminating in an Openwrt 21.02 router. Happy to provide missing information

Michael S.

Hello forum,

Quote from: DJ1975 on August 29, 2022, 09:58:52 AM
I am unable to get the tunnel back up again (sitting on Vodafone/Kabel Deutschland) since 25th of August.

same situation here. I reactivated my very old HE account, created a new tunnel to FRA1, but I am not getting any incoming packets on my Telekom DSL line. I created a second tunnel via LON1, that was working out of the box. It seems, that FRA1 is not forwarding packets.
Is there any official support available?

Kind regards,


Thought i should post here - for me the tunnel to FRA1 is working again.

for some reason I reactivated the tunnel and was surprised to see traffic passing, and it seems to be working fine so far - no issues noticed.

Good side effect - an intensive exercise on V6 NAT, IP renumbering and realizing one need to plan for this much earlier. Perhaps the idea of ULAs aren't that terrible after all... ?