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Dealing CGNAT to using Tunnelbroker with Wireguard

Started by rifqisugoi, June 14, 2022, 05:18:54 AM

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Hello there,

Is there any possibility to supporting Wireguard? Because, most of the ISPs here use CGNAT to deal with IPv4 exhaustion. Not all people can rent a VPS, and the average specifications offered are very "unreasonable" here. And on average, they also overselling it, very poor international connections, etc.

I'm really hoping HE.NET will supporting Wireguard VPN protocol to boosting IPv6 users, and if i'm not forgot, in the past, HE.NET also offering Tunnelbroker using PPTP :)



You could use Route48 instead of HE. They do offer IPv6 tunnels over Wireguard.