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Slow Speed Over IPv6 Tunnel

Started by stonerja, February 24, 2023, 07:26:17 AM

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Hi, Support/All

Is it normal for Hurricane Electric VPN tunnels to have slow throughput?

My local ISP (Virgin Media) provides 150Mbps which I get fine via IPv4.

However, when using IPv6 over the tunnel a speed test shows up to 5Mbps.

Does anyone else experience this? If so, what's the resolution?

My modem is a Virgin Hub 3 (In passthrough mode) and my router is a Cisco ISR 1121X.

I believe I am connected to one of the London endpoint but can't remember which one.

Thank you,
James Stoner


How similar are the 2 pathways to the speed test host?  The IPv6 path is most likely longer as it has to hit the tunnel server first.