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Enthusiast Technical Test is no right option

Started by velade, November 19, 2022, 11:16:10 PM

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I use to ping an IPv6 address command on Linux (include Arch and Debian) is "ping -6 <host>", and on windows I'll use "ping6 <host>", but on this test, the question about linux not have a option is "ping -6", and the question about windows not a option is "ping6".


With all due respect, I think your memories are flipped.  Windows has always been ping -6 and Linux ping6


Depends on the era in which you want to speak.

Windows XP has a "ping6", but also apparently supports "ping -6" ('tho it doesn't say so.) Linux of that era also has a "ping6", and does not support "ping -6".

Under linux today, "ping4" and "ping6" are just links to "ping", each defaulting to "-4" or "-6" respectively. I'm not in front of a modern Windows, but I'll assume it does -4/-6 as well.