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nsupdate.php 'hang'

Started by rtector, June 23, 2009, 05:15:38 AM

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I've just logged in to update the name servers for one of my tunnels, however the page 'hangs' when I click Submit. An HTTP POST is sent, but there is no reply from the server.

Any thoughts?


Just an update, after ~490 seconds, the page eventually reloads saying the change was successful, however it was not. I've not experienced any other issues with the site, and this occurs both at work over IPv6 and home over plain IPv4.


Came back after a couple of minutes and it appears the change has gone through now.


nsupdate.php does a fair amount of work behind the scenes, so it can run a bit long at times.

(Update local db, push changes to DNS administration, wait for DNS administration to push changes out, etc.)