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Being behind two NATs

Started by mkolesar, March 29, 2008, 05:09:55 PM

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I am new in ipv6. I have just registered on tunnelbrooker.net, but have a problem with endpoint setting. The reason is that I am behind two routers and do not have public IP. In this case, I cannot set up my ipv4 endpoint. Do I have to own public IP, to use the broker?



Yes, your IPv4 endpoint has to be reachable.  Some people have made this work with dynamic IPv4 assignments, but it must be a "public" address (public means routable and thus reachable).

That said, the first router probably has a public address.  If you are the only host behind it doing IPv6, you might be able to arrange to have all packets of "protocol 41" (IPv6 in IPv4) forwarded to your second router - and the same arrangement at the second router to get it to your host.  Absent that, you're SOL.


It's provider's router (the first one), so I can't do any setting such as port forwarding or DMZ.
So, I can't try ipv6.  >:(