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How can I unblock ICMP?

Started by musiclover, July 01, 2009, 05:07:15 AM

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When trying to make a new tunnel I get the message:
Error: Your IPv4 endpoint is unreachable or unstable. Please make sure ICMP is not blocked.

This is even without Firewall. What can I do to make a tunnel?


What OS are you running?  You're sure that you've either allowed ICMP through that firewall or turned off the firewall all together? 

Are you behind a NAT router?

Is there a firewall on your cable modem or DSL modem?


I am using Windows Xp SP3. And I started windows without turning the firewall on. My adsl modem has no firewall. Maybe the problem lies with my provider (KPN)


It is possible...do you know if they are blocking ICMP to end users?  You might want to ask them that...if they don't block it, at least you'll be able to rule something out.