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[solved by self] Windows Configuration using "ipv6" commands

Started by Ninho, August 10, 2009, 03:17:53 AM

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Is there a guide for configuring the LAN under Windows using "ipv6.exe" ?
As my would-be gateway is running Win 2k, the netsh ipv6 extensions are NOT available.

I have succeeded to the point that my gateway is giving IPv6 addresses from the /64 to itself and to a test machine on the LAN as well (good!) ...

BUT from the other machine I can't access6/ping6/tracert6 beyond the local gateway's endpoint - not even to the other side of the tunnel (sad!)

Here's what I did on the GW machine (interface 2 is the 6to4 tunnel, interface 8 is to the local LAN) :

> ipv6 rtu 2001:470:1f13:xxx::/64  8  pub  life 1800
> ipv6 ifc  2  forw
> ipv6 ifc  8  forw  adv

What else am I missing, Gentlemen, pleeeeeease   ???

[Update:] I've solved it  8)

Answer : add the following (interface #9 is the "6-over-4 Virtual Interface" over the NIC interface #8. Both it and the physical NIC interface must have the 'forwards' and 'advertises' flags)

> ipv6 ifc 9 forw adv

That's it. I'm able to ping6 etc, and browse from the LAN now as well as from the gateway.

HTH. Of course, others will have different interface numbers for their NIC(s) instead of my 8 & 9.
[corrected various typos on... Nov 2,2011 !]