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rdns with MS DNS

Started by cholzhauer, August 26, 2009, 08:56:03 AM

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OK, so everything else I've seen about rDNS for IPv6 mentions using Bind.  I already have rDNS setup and working in MS DNS, so is there some sort of way to use that instead? 

I'm still not real clear on the whole thing...from what I can tell I need to publish my rDNS records to someone using some method.


I cannot speak from experience, but everything I have read seems to point to Server 2008 being the ONLY version that supports IPv6 fully.

IPv6 DNS may work on versions other than 2008, I haven't tried.  But I doubt it would work 100%.  I only have a 2003 server setup for testing at the moment.


I am running a Server 2008 domain, so if that is indeed a requisite, it shouldn't be a problem