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Need suggestion for home router

Started by DOMBlogger, September 07, 2011, 03:36:09 PM

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My router seems to mangle the tunnel as the tunnel does not work from behind it (tried in both CentOS 5.x and Ubuntu whatever it is I'm running) but works flawlessly if I direct connect.

Trying to update firmware on my wireless router (older linksys) to use it failed and it seemed to fry it. No biggie, just means I need to finally buy that wii network adapter (or new wireless router). That's all I currently use it for.

What I want, and I hope it is not asking to much in a consumer device -

Router w/ wireless that is dual stack ready (my ISP is testing dual stack in some areas) that I can configure to make the tunnel, and have it spit out dual stack to dhcp clients behind it that support IPv6 so that any supported device behind it will be running IPv6 without needing any manual adjustment.

Is that asking too much?


If you want dhcp it might be.  If you can settle for RA, there are quite a few that will work.  Dlink seems to have the largest variety of them


I have to look into RA more. I think dlink may be my best bet.

For the time being, I deleted my tunnel since I can't use it w/o disconnecting the rest of my network. I don't want to hold the resource hostage.

I've also sent an inquiry to my ISP asking if it is too late to join their dual stack beta test program. It does not appear they even offered it in my area, but with IPv4 depletion I'm hoping they are motivated to start doing all they can to get dual stack saturation so that IPv4 can finally rest in peace. Maybe they will offer it in my area soon.


since you said you have a linksys router, try flashing it to dd-wrt. i know from experience that dd-wrt passes protocol 41 through the firewall.


edit: i noticed you said you fried it. you could try recovering it if it's bricked but if you need a new router, i would recommend one that has at least 4mb of flash(the more the merrier!) and one that you can flash dd-wrt onto. for reference i have a linksys e1000v2 that has 4MB of flash and have tunnelbroker's tunnel set up on the router which works beautifully.


I tried flashing it - got a message in poor english about how the flash had failed, and upon reboot, it no longer responds on wireless or wired ports.

My other linksys router is a VOIP router from vonage, I don't want to try flashing it though even if I can find firmware that allegedly works with it because if it goes, I'm dead in the water.

I think I may go with a D-Link DIR-632.
It's inexpensive enough that as I continue my IPv6 education, if I find out it's not the right one for my home network, not a big deal.


I've been using a Linksys WRT54GL running a v6-enabled "toastman build" of Tomato USB. It provides BrowserUI configuration for the tunnel to HE, and even updates the tunnel's IPv4 address when that changes (new PPPoE session). It's been working very well for a few months now. I have Linux/Mac/Windows clients on my home network, and they all "just work" on v6 when I plug them in.
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Jim Whitby

I have a dlink dir-825 that is fine. Paid about $99.


Just be very careful about model numbers and revisions.  Some models have firmware revisions where the support for IPv6 varies.  Some manufacturers have even changed the chipset across different revisions, thus making the product completely different -- especially for those who intend to flash their own firmware into them.