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Glue Record Search Recommendation

Started by BlueMatt, July 30, 2010, 02:14:46 PM

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I'm only focusing on the Sage test, I find the Guru test does what I believe HE is attempting to test.

The first question is what is the Sage test really there to test, is it there to test that clients are running their own nameservers (or at least using nameservers that are in their TLD) that have IPv6 glue, or is the test really ultimately about testing whether a client's domain's DNS is fully resolvable via IPv6 without any IPv4 required.

It currently tests for the first, however some people who use a 3rd party to run their DNS use nameservers that are on another TLD, or that might not have any glue and instead are run by other nameservers with glue.  This would require a test for glue for the given domain's nameservers on their own TLD, then failing if only IPv4 glue is available, passing if IPv6 glue is available, or starting over with the given domain's nameserver's nameserver if no glue is available on the given domain's nameserver.