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/48 RDNS Delegation

Started by ndm, May 06, 2008, 02:17:23 PM

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RDNS for the point to point (1f06) /64 is not delegated to the users.  These entries are maintained by the Tunnel Broker Platform for management reasons.

The 1f07 /64 is delegated to you and routed to the ::2 side of your 1f06/64. 

The 1F06 /64 is the rough equivilant of a /30 in IPv4 for defining a point to point connection.  (We used to use /127's, there are even some who still have /127's for PTP's)

Depending on your OS setting up an IP from the routed /64 on your tunnel endpoint and getting routing working is most likely trivial.  (And a 1F07 /64 would have reverse delegated to whoever you setup which would solve your problem).


Quote from: imcensored on May 28, 2008, 06:08:07 PM
i have a somewhat related question...

my Subnet(routed/64) is ****:***:1f07:***::/64
while my ip is ****:***:1f06:***::2/64 (with the *** being the same characters in both)

Is it supposed to be one number off???

I am able to access the tunnel from my Ubuntu machine.  I can log in to ipv6.freenode.net IRC and see either the full ipv6 Ip or the imcensored.......he.net name.

I am using freedns.afraid.org for the rDNS.  if i add the subnet with the "1f07", it doesn't let me modify any of the first four "octets?" when i try to set the IP.  If i use the "1f06", i can set the IP, but i get a "BROKEN" error. http://dark-code.bulix.org/hxtuym-66611?raw (output in a paste-bin).

I'm lost at this point.  Which end did i screw up on? Over here or over there at freedns?

This is what i am trying to do....

I own the domain "speedlinemotorsports.org" ... i have pointed the subdomain "z.speedlinemotorsports.org" to my Ubuntu box (IPv4), as soon as either xname.org comes back up, or if i find another DNS that supports IPv6, i will be pointing it to the IPv6 address as well.  So i'd like the rDNS to be z.speedlinemotorsports.org.


I figured it out... Thanks!


Hi, I have problems with RDNS too. I filled in the IP of my DNS server 3 times into the RDNS form on the HE website 2 days ago.
My DNS server has the IP address (ns.freehop.mooo.com) so the output looks like the following:

$ dig -x 2001:470:9949:5001:: @ns.freehop.mooo.com +short

But asking just another nameserver shows that the prefix points still to HE:

$ dig -x 2001:470:9949:5001:: @
;0.3.5.f.0.6.e.f.f.f.a.e. IN PTR

;; AUTHORITY SECTION: 86400 IN   SOA   ns1.he.net. hostmaster.he.net. 2009041400 10800 1800 604800 86400

Can you tell me what is going wrong there?


We're working on why the updates aren't getting pushed out.
If you emailed ipv6@he.net, we'll email you when it is resolved.


I saw the serials got updated yesterday but still doesn't contain the updates. I'm sure you realize this, I just wanted to say thanks for working on it. And, thanks for providing the tunnelbroker service! It's helping advance v6 deployment in more ways than you probably realize.

Happy tunnelbrker user since '03 (according to my tunnelbroker account. Holy &!%$... 2003!?! Man am I ahead of the curve 8) )


Please retest, also for anyone that didn't email, try updating your delegated nameservers.


Working for me now. Thanks again!


Glad to see it's working now, thanks a lot.