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IPv4 Counter gone crazy

Started by uneedus, June 05, 2010, 02:13:26 PM

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After the last 2 /8s were assigned to LACNIC, the counter to exhaust has gone crazy.  Now showing over 7000 days till exhaust.

Might it be  because  iana has changed the default ip4 allocation list from text to xml, and this is making the script barf?


No, the format of IANA's list doesn't affect us, we were using the XML anyway.

As to the exhaustion date, it looks like the source site for the projection has hiccuped and is seeing the end as somewhere in May 2030 at the moment.  I've adjusted our side to the previous day's projection and adjusted the code to keep a fluke shift like this from percolating through.


Just got an email from Geoff, likely the source you speak of.

He told me that AfriNIC published a truncated stats file and this made his script barf.  That page is now showing normal.