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Trouble with IPv6 Dig Test (forward lookup)

Started by bgvaughan, July 26, 2010, 11:17:11 AM

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For most hostnames I test, perhaps nine out of ten, when I submit the response from a forward lookup via dig, I get this message:

"Sorry, you've already submitted a dig query to the same destination"

I've been using a list of hostnames I got from ipv6.loercks.net, and filtered through a script that ping6'ed them and returned a list of live hostnames. I've only successfully submitted thirteen so far; it seems unlikely to me that I've come across several hundred aliases for those few.

Is there a glitch in the script that tests whether a dig response has been submitted before, or is there something else going on that I'm missing?


If I remember correctly, I think it looks for ip's within the same netblock, so generally within the same /64 won't count.

On my list I filtered out all entries that returns results in the same /64 before I submit them.

If not just for the dig results, this will drastically affect the whois lookup for an ip block also. So filtering based on a /48 or /32 would help fix this also.

(It has been a few months, so my memory on how this worked could be inaccurate).


I think you're right.  Iirc it keeps track of the /48