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Can I setup a tunnel on my Speedtouch 585v6?

Started by john3voltas, August 12, 2010, 06:16:43 AM

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I'm trying to configure my home network to use ipv6.
My home network looks as follows:

                           / vpi0vci35 wired hosts (desktop, nas)
www -- adsl router - wifi bridge with vpi0vci35 for wireless hosts (laptops, mobile phone)
                           \ vpi0vci38 iptv stb

I guess I should setup my adsl router (Thomson Speedtouch 585v6) with ipv6 tunnel but i can't find anywhere to set it up.
Can someone tell me if the 585v6 can do that?
If the 585v6 can't do it, is there any other way to have ipv6 LAN?
I could always setup a tunnel on each endpoint but although it would work, it would look funny.
Anyone could point me in the right way?
I can't seem to find a good manual on how to do this stuff.


It doesn't look like it does


You would need to set up the tunnel on some machine (Windows, BSD, Linux, ect) and then share the tunnel with your other hosts via RA/DHCPv6


Hi cholzhauer,
Thanks for your reply.
So, the ST585v6 does not support ipv6.
But you say that there are other ways.
Could you please point me to a tutorial or howto that clearly explains how to set up a "shared tunnel with other hosts via RA/DHCPv6"?
Because I have a Linux network device that is ON 24 hours a day and that is the perfect candidate to be a ipv6 proxy.
Many thanks in advance.


For RA, take a look at this


I doubt you'll need any of the functionality in DHCPv6

You'll want to terminate your tunnel on your linux machine and set up RA to distribute addresses to the rest of your network.


Hi cholzhauer,
Once again, thanks for answering :).
I will read the howto in detail and will come back later in case I still have any doubts.
Thanks for your help.