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Windows Server 2008r2 DNS Server. Wont listn on tunnel.

Started by Night, July 28, 2010, 01:11:43 PM

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Hey, I am playing around with Windows Server 2008r2.
DNS works fine but i cannot get it to listen to my tunnel ipv6
any idees?



Any reason you haven't assgned a public address to your local area connction 2?


1) obfuscating the IPs, no point. You clearly left the tserv side of the tunnel so we can guess that you are trying to do this on 2001:470:27:292::2. And any published AAAA or PTR records involved are also going to be public knowledge.

2) looks like the software doesn't like/recognize the tunnel interface, so you should try adding one of your routed /64 IPs to your physical LAN adapter. I'd say try 2001:470:28:292::1/64, or seeing as you took a /48 because you must have required more than the 1 /64 subnet we automatically allocate and statically route, an IP from that range.


How do i add a /64 to the physical lan adapter?
so i need to add the /64  ip in addition to the one /48 i already have on the tunnel?


You just need to pick any address you want out of the /64 or /48...2001:dba:1234:1::3 for example


hmm dont quite uderstand that  ???

From the start i tunneled one from my /48.
which i can connect to any ipv6 server with.
dont see why windows server does not see it in the listening to part. Would be nice to have this server also support end to end ipv6 (well sort off excluding the tunnel)  ;D


Ok let me try again.  You say you've already used a /64 out of your /48.  If this server is going to be in the same subnet, than you should use an address out of that same /64.  If you want this server to be on a different subnet, that you should choose another /64 out of your /48 and select an address out of that.

You can either assign that address staticly or dynamically; windows accepts router advertisements by default


- Uncut ver.

How do i advertise eather of those v6s so that they are listed in "Listen on" in there?


Heres a lill thing,
if i run endpoint on my router (WRT610n) with dd-wrt
and assign ipv6 over radvd from it. it works

But then i get an interal ip (
but i kinda need external for dns to work properly. And i havent found away to get external ip from  dd-wrt and retain the ipv6 tunnel on it.

now this is getting strange in IIS7. It does list the corrects ips (2001:470:dcb7::d), but not in dns.


I have the same problem. 2008r2 windows DNS does not listen to the ipv6 address only the ipv4 and local-link address. I remember reading a microsoft post stating it was disabled by default.


I've been running server 2008 on my dns servers for a long time now and never had to do anything special to make it work.  My router is running RA and that's how my server gets an ipv6 address.  I then statically adding an ipv4 address (private) and make the necessary firewall changes.

If you need a certain ipv6 address, why not make it static and put it in by hand?  You'll need to create the reverse lookup zone by hand, but that's simple.  If dns isn't getting the address of your server, add it by hand


i dont like nat, so i rather not have use my router as an enpoint.
Unless there is away to make dd-wrt give me a public ip.


I don't blame you.  Ddwrt will do whatever you want it to, you just need to configure it.  I don't know what your network setup is, but you just need to connect your server to the outside interface of your router (which is what I assume the ddwrt router is doing... If not, a network diagram would help) and assign it a public address

I just looked at your picture... You should assign that ::d address to your LAN connection on your server

does the tunnel work if you host it on your server?

Again, I think a diagram would help here


i installed ISS and set it up for you.
that works

<- Internert - > Cisco ECP3000 (modem) - > Simple Switch (p1) -> Modem
                                                       -> Simple Switch (p2) - Main Computer
                                                       -> Simple Switch (p3) - Server
                                                       -> Simple Switch (p4) - Cisco / Linksys WRT610n with ddwrt - eth1  -> Storage Server.
                                                       -> Simple Switch (p5) - Linksys WRT54g2 - Wireless Bridge with repater to another WRT54g2 which connects to an Xerox WorkCenter 7435.

"You should assign that ::d address to your LAN connection on your server"

atm i dont have a fixed set of ips from my isp. it gives me 4  external ips. which are based on mac. and does not change as long as the computer / switch is online for the duration of the lase and renews it .

Im getting new isp next week where i have my own fixed /28 ipv4.


"You should assign that ::d address to your LAN connection on your server"

GUI would be easiest.  Do you know how to assign a static IPv4 address to an adapter via the GUI? (Control panel, network connections, ect)  Do  it the same way for Ipv6, but just chose the IPv6 stack instead of IPv4)

Is the server connected to p3 the one you want to give a public IPv4 address to?