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Cisco 877 <> linux box with 2 NICS <> inside internal network

Started by alltech, June 20, 2009, 03:00:26 AM

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Hi, looking to setup the following using ipv6

Cisco 877 </30 subnet> Linux </24 subnet>

Had success with the cisco 877 ptp  connecting to he fine and assigning the /64 to the vlan1 inside interface of the 877 router.  The outside interface of the linux box (/30) gets autoconf part of the /64

How to go about assigning an additional allocated /48 or breaking up the /64 to put on the inside interface of the linux box (/24) so hosts behind that are assigned ipv6 addresses?

thanks, any pointers would be appreciated.


All working now.  I'll post this in case anyone else is looking to do something similar.

Router was easy to setup and config as cisco ipv6 autoconfig works pretty much out of the box and using the instructions supplised by he.net.  ipv6 unicast-routing is the key. 

The linux side was somewhat interesting.  Used radvr with a straight forward config and supplied rdnss servers.  Only thing is the box required to be rebooted to pick up the address from the cisco router.  Remember to echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/all/forwarding.  after assigning a static address from the /48 to the internal nic then connectivity should be present to the internet.

I used windows xp behind the linux box, I havent tried anything else but I imagine anything with ipv6 enabled should work fine.  XP requires you to netsh int ipv6 install
Had some troubles with it picking up the global addrress from radvr on the linux box so assigned one of the global addresses from /48 manually with netsh int add addr
but after a reboot the box came back up with autoconfig working as it should.

I guess the key is rebooting.  I tried manually taking down and bringing up the interfaces on both win and linux but that didnt work.

Now to implement some reflexive acls and redo ip6tables then subnet the /48 or /64

cool stuff.