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<3 HE and saying hello

Started by tptpcc-infinity, August 07, 2010, 08:27:25 PM

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Hello guys, n0ah here.

I figured i was obligated to at least login to the forum to say hello :o) HE.net is still providing the best service for people like me, as they where years ago.

I had an old account, 'amph', but i seem to have forgotten the password, and even the email! (I've been gone a few years). So yes indeed, please keep doing what you're doing HE, and it seems you are still doing it, and doing it even better.

I had an issue a while ago with the free DNS service, and contacted he.net via email, and to my suprise I ended up dealing directly with a network administrator. I feel even though he.net is offering free services, that them providing this level of support and partnership to the people that actually know what they're doing is a very wise move on HE's behalf. Although i'm not a current customer of their paid products, when i'm in the market for them, they will be a very first suggestion and area of exploration.

Thanks HE,


2 years network administration and support
hobbyist and freelanced c/perl/sh/assembly programmer