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Need help Configuring a tunnel under Microsoft Windows

Started by cdz, August 05, 2010, 08:20:45 AM

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I follow everything in the turnel but my connection still show as ipv4 in ipv6 checking page. My OS is windows XP, what can I do now, any one help


Well, we need some more info.

What commands did you run?

Is your tunnel actually up?  If so, with Windows, you NEED to assign an IP address to your local area connection.  Select an address out of your routed /64 or routed /48

Post the output of ipconfig /all and netstat -nr too


already did with the command as guide in the tunnel web

here I followed:
ipv6 install
ipv6 rtu ::/0 2/:: pub
ipv6 adu 2/2001:470:27:415::2

I did following some other guides in the forum too but when I checking on the IPv6 like google or others, it still saying I am connecting by IPv4 address (while the turnel web configure saying that my turnel IPv6 is on)

Well I don't know how to say  but this turnel services is hard to understand and mess configuration compare to go6 service


Most likely you are behind a NAT appliance that blocks Protocol 41 (NOT PORT), and if so try putting your Windows machine in the "DMZ" as it might be referred to on your NAT appliance.
Another option is if you are XP/2003 and on the latest service pack, you can try the netsh commands, however essentially they do the same thing.
And a third option that might be available on the tunnel server you are using is the PPTP BETA to penetrate NAT, and then run the tunnel creation commands.

There are a lot of different solutions out there, and if you were happy with gogo6 then keep using them. However we want to avoid having our users need to install any additional software on their side that isn't already a part of the operating system, which is also why we are trying this PPTP BETA.