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Getting our DNS server to prefer v6??

Started by TristramCheer, August 09, 2010, 04:22:21 AM

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Hey all,

Just been playing around with the tunnel here before we get our /32 routed, I've noticed that if i'm using HE's dns server more dual stack websites default to using v6 whereas my own bind9 (with google zone forwarded to HE's dns) will chuck me on v4 by default. My bind server is handing out AAAA as www.v6.facebook.com resolves via it but I'm wanting to know how HE's dns servers tend to push you onto v6 even when A and AAAA records exsist.




I thought this was an OS setting rather than a DNS setting?

I did a quick Google search and didn't really find anything how to tell Bind to prefer AAAA records.


Yeah thats what I thought aswell but the only thing I change is the dns server from my test standard bind9/ubuntu10.04 to HE's IpV4 one most testing sites etc detect me as v6