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IPv6 connectivity suddenly lost for no apparent reason.

Started by vessman, August 09, 2010, 04:49:12 AM

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Hey everyone,

Lately I've been experiencing strange behavior with my tunnel connection. All of a sudden, for no apparent reason ipv6 connectivity would just disappear - I can no longer connect to ipv6.google.com and whatismyipv6 reports I don't have v6 connectivity.

The way to "fix" it is to restart my ADSL router, which would make my ipv4 endpoint change, and then update the tunnel configuration in the website with the new ipv4 endpoint address. Then it magically starts working again!

I am on an ADSL connection, behind a Huawei router, so when configuring the tunnel I had to specify (my internal address) instead of the my ipv4 endpoint as suggested with the commands for windows.

I have tried deleting and reentering the commands but that didn't fix the problem.

What should I do?


I think that when this happens, it's something to do with HE not receiving the ping replies from your router (or because the tunnel hasn't been active for a period of time) ...I've seen other posts where posters recommend running scripts to ping HE every so often to keep the tunnel up


I am having a similar issue. I don't think my IPv6 tunnel idles coz im always on irc via IPv6 so there should be traffic always.


Well, I don't use the tunnel too often. But that day, after I fixed it by restarting the router, it was only available for less than 10 minutes and then it went dead again just before I finished what I had started downloading.

I have to try one of those scripts, or code one myself I guess.

It's weird though, since jhunax is experiencing a similar problem.

On a side note, I sometimes receive an error saying "invalid ipv4 endpoint" when trying to enter my new ip, especially when either the last two numbers are 2-digit ones. Why would that happen? I thought some IPs were banned, but then I read another thread and someone said that it should say so if that were the case.



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