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Does GoDaddy still support ipv6 glue on .com and .net?

Started by woosingwoo, August 22, 2010, 07:13:32 AM

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Sorry, I know this question has been discussed several times. But I just double check with the GoDaddy support and the answer is negetive. Any comments and feedbacks?



they told me the same thing when i as doing my test, but when i followed the directions that someone else posted, it worked fine.

i havent ran the test in a while, but i doubt they would remove that "feature"


yes, I need that for my test. To play safe, just wanna make sure.


My personal domain is .net and registered with GoDaddy, and it supports glue without issue. When creating the host records for your name servers, you should see a green check mark on the page for setting IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for the host record.

Edit - And I just logged in and confirmed the green check mark next to "IPv6" is on the host record creation page.


Great! Thanks for your help! I think I feel comfortable to pay my order now.