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Multiple clients with IPv6 behind pfSense router

Started by bartgrefte, September 04, 2010, 01:56:01 PM

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That setting I mentioned solved it, pfSense can now ping6 IPv6 sites.
My test-client however, still cannot visit or ping6 IPv6 sites, "target host not reachable" (roughly translated).

pfSense's firewall log mentions ICMP6 packets being blocked even though they should be passing through.
Never mind that, firewall always seem to mention they are blocked, even successfull ping6's from the router.

Plus this error is still there:
rtadvd[843]: <getconfig> em0 isn't defined in the configuration file or the configuration file doesn't exist. Treat it as default[/]


The message from rtadvd can safely be ignored, it should be enough to let rtadvd get the settings and prefix from the ipv6 address on the LAN interface. The message is superficial



Got it working :D
One wrong number in /etc/rtadvd.conf .... ::)