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Windows Firewall

Started by ilwt, October 16, 2010, 10:09:01 PM

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I'm not exactly clear about how the IPv6 address assigned to me with the tunnel is "seen from the Internet".  I've set up Windows 7 with the instructions given on the tunnel page and everything works great. I have IPv6 connectivity and it works flawlessly.  My doubt arises from the fact that even though I see the IP6Tunnel adapter when I do a "ipconfig /all", I do not see it visible among the network adapters in the control panel, and therefore I am not able to set up the firewall for it (at least not the Windows Firewall).  How would I go about getting around this problem?  Is there a way to make the adapter visible with the other ones?  Windows Firewall only allows rules for Private (Home/Work) and Public networks.  The IP6Tunnel adapter does not show up in either of those and I am therefore not allowed to open/close any ports.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.


I'm not aware of a way that you can tell Windows to apply a particular rule to a certain interface.  I just checked on my Win7 machine (Windows firewall with advanced security)

It looks like there is an option under "Connection security rules" that will let your Win7 machine act as a firewall for the rest of the hosts behind the tunnel, but I couldn't find anything specifically for the IP6Tunnel adapter.


I do not think you can tell Windows to apply a rule to a certain interface, that is why I was wondering if there is a way to include IP6Tunnel in the Private (Home/Work) network of Windows 7.


What I've figured is that since this is a tunnel and not an actual IPv6 connection, Windows is only able to either allow or block any connection to protocol 41. What this means is that I can either allow all incoming traffic, or block all incoming traffic. I am not able to set rules depending on the port. Is this correct?


you can filer traffic based on port in the windows firewall.  i do not think you can filter based on protocol though