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How do I get started?

Started by rajivskumar, March 03, 2008, 12:02:58 AM

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I am trying to use your Tunnel to access an IPv6 site from my Windows XP laptop. How do I get started? I registered and created an account and setup a tunnel. Now how do I use it from my XP laptop? I have installed IPv6 on the laptop using the configuration commands that appear on your site. But how do I tell IE 6.0 to use the tunnel to access the web site? This might seem quite basic but I cannot find this information on your website.



You'll only be able to browse sites that have ipv6 AAAA records for them. For instance you should be able to view http://ipv6.he.net and the page will report what IPv4/IPv6 address you are viewing from. Same with accessing your tunnelbroker.net account using http://ipv6.tunnelbroker.net

If you are looking for major sites that provide the same content and availability as they do for IPv4 connections, you're going to find that a lot of them aren't there yet. Google, Amazon, Microsoft etc. just to name a few.


Which does lead to a really interesting question for anyone reading , other than pinging things what do you do with your tunnel?  What IPv6 capable sites do you like to visit?  Any interesting IPv6 services you have found?


also you will need to set your ipv6 DNS
any of the IPv6 addresses in the IP address column on the following site will work for you

netsh interface ipv6 add dns "interface name" 2001:503:BA3E::2:30


IPv6 services I have enabled include www, icecast, ircd

www.ardynet.com (my music)
linux.ardynet.com (linux related)
irc.diix.org (private server also used as chat for progpalaceradio.com)


My goal is to try to access www.ipv6.org using IPv6 from my Windows XP laptop. I setup a tunnel on your web site, issued the config commands on my XP laptop. Laptop shows IPv6 installed and also shows a Local IPv6 address. However, when I browse to www.ipv6.org, the web site tells me that I am using a IPv4 address. So I don't see how your tunnel came into the picture. How do I tell my browser or any other client to use your tunnel?

I am using IE 6.0


Ok I found out what this is.

Let's say you want to access an IPv6 site such as www.ipv6.org from a Windows XP laptop, then you do the following:

1) Register with Hurricane Electric and setup a Tunnel for your public IP (You can see your public IP at www.whatismyip.com)
2) Configure your XP laptop (or Linux) using the config commands that appear on the site. For e.g.

ipv6 install
ipv6 rtu ::/0 2/:: pub
ipv6 adu 2/2001:470:1f06:3e4::2

You might require admin level privileges (especially on Linux).

3) IE on Your XP laptop is now ready to connect to the IPv6 site. If you browse to www.ipv6.org, it should show that you are using a IPv6 address. Few gotchas - Make sure your windows firewall is off. I was behind a NAT when I got this to work, so NAT doesn't seem to be a problem.

I hope this helps others.


Reviving an old thread because the question doesn't deserve it's own I think.  But is there a way to configure Windows Firewall without having to disable it completely?  I did find this part of a post on the MS website but it doesn't appear to do what it advertises.  So far only completely disabling the firewall seems to work for me.
Here's the post:

"You can configure the simple firewall with the netsh interface ipv6 set interface interface=NameOrIndex firewall=enabled disabled command."

Running "netsh interface ipv6 set interface interface=4 firewall=disabled" gives me an "Ok" like it did something but, I can find no evidence of it.  And of course I still can't ping www.kame.net unless I disable completely.  Surely someone has found a way around this no?