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Windows Meeting Space

Started by btillman, July 11, 2008, 08:33:53 AM

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I'm very new to this IPV6 stuff so please bear with me:

I have a FreeBSD-7.0-STABLE server running as my router/gateway/NATD server for my small home LAN and I run IPFW on it as my firewall. This setup has served me well for many years now.  I registered my account with tunnelbrokers and followed the setup instructions. I did this all via ssh from my office so I really haven't been able to test anything yet from the actual console. But all looks well for  now.

I have a need to allow another person to do some on-line training with AutoCAD. He needs to be able to share and see my desktop on some Windows Vista and XP machines inside my LAN.

So I started checking and while there are good services available, GoToMeeting.com, webEx.com, etc, I really am not interested in paying for this service if I can get the same thing at no cost. So I took a look at Windows Meeting Space which is on my Vista desktop and laptop machines. The trainer also has access to Vista desktops.

Windows Meeting Space seems like a good option but it appears to only work locally. It will only work over the Internet if you have an IPV6 globally routeable address. So I was referred to tunnelbrokers.com. Setting this up does not appear to be that straightforward. So does anyone have any advice to offer on this subject?

Collaborating over the Internet is the way of the future. With gasoline going to $5 per gallon soon and the airlines charging by the pound for baggage, travel expenses are just getting out of control. I see something like Windows Meeting Space as a very necessary tool and that it seems to require IPV6 the service that tunnelbrokers.com offers will be important.