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UPDATE - July 15th 2008

Started by broquea, July 15, 2008, 03:38:53 PM

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We've added two more tunnel-servers today, one in Seattle, WA and another in Miami, FL.

The new Miami, FL tunnel-server is for BGP tunnels.
The new Seattle, WA is for our regular non-BGP tunnels.

Again if you would like your existing account to use one of the new tunnel-servers, please delete your existing tunnel then pick the new location to create your tunnel on.

*REMINDER* - Deleting your old tunnel means deallocating your IPv6 blocks, and you will be assigned NEW allocations based on the tunnel server you pick.

We expect to turn up two additional BGP tunnel tunnel-servers in London and Frankfurt later this week, or early next week. As well as a regular tunnel-server in Los Angeles later this week.