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Setting Up IPV6 Static Addresses On Local Lan /64 Windows XP Machines

Started by abcs, December 28, 2010, 06:27:06 PM

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In Windows Setting Static IP's is easy with IPV4, hence a GUI, and with IPV6 it is simple to add a static address to an interface.
Though after assigning the static IPV6 address you would assume after renewing the interface the new static address would take
effect, no the address still in use is the XP Router machines randomly assigned address from the /64 prefix.

Short of resetting the router machine, uninstall ipv6 and reboot, the renew the lan machines interface, then restart the router machine
to get the manually assigned address to take precedence is there any work around ?


So you don't want xp to automatically configure an address?  Just set the router advertisements flag to disable


I found out this Morning, using my laptop and my 2nd HE Tunnel, turning off router advertisement worked.
Early this evening I will retry my 1st HE Tunnel, with the advertising disabled, didn't work last night but
hopefully iit will today.