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Ipv6 compliance tests should be online please or able to re-run

Started by dcottle, January 14, 2011, 10:12:03 AM

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I really love your tools that test ipv6 dns, email, etc all in the compliance.

Please can these be made online for registered users?

For example I just got another domain on my server now running off my subnet. It's not the one I tested.

I want to be able to test ipv6 mail, dns and httpd.

Can this be done ASAP, or even a way to simply rerun the certification test even though you may be sage or guru?



You can either create another IPv6 Certification account, or you can reset your current account back to explorer: http://ipv6.he.net/certification/reset_explorer.php


I think I'd be really usefull if you could open those tools for every registered user without having to reset the certf. again.


I agree. What is the harm running the test again but at your existing level. I don't want to go throu all the tests simply if I want to verify a email address is ipv6 ready for example.

Could this be done please?