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.com.au registrar that supports ipv6 glue records

Started by dcottle, January 17, 2011, 03:38:40 PM

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I contacted my registrar and seems it will be April before they can accept ipv6 glue records.

Does anyone know a .com.au registrar that supports ipv6 glue records as I will transfer the domains. The registry does support them so I just need a registrar that is more up to date.



I'm also interested in this too.

I'm currently contacting my registrar and will reply if they support ipv6 glue records or not


Seems no one can it's very disappointing! I am with netregistry. I put in a ticket I got a reply. My ticket is on hold until it's done. They told me that right now no .com.au can have ipv6 glues as the actual registry itself can't support it. There are some test addresses done by the registry itself. Explains why sone pathetic 20 are ipv6.

They told me maybe May.

All my .com .info .biz .name and .asia are full ipv6 glues. I only had snag with .name and .asia as these are with a 3rd register. The others were simple add in ipv6 addresses to registered name servers.

The 3rd register it only took a email and 3 days and that had working ipv6 interface.

The .com.au support is shocking. It's disgraceful that now all the free ipv4 /8 addresses are allocated and you can't get a ipv6 glue. Without the glue it's not going to be 100% fully functional at ipv6.

I am going to rattle the cage again as after the allocation yesterday just jump on the ticket again.

Keep you posted.


After a few exchanges on a support ticket and last week with the ipv4 exhausted by register put in my ipv6 glues until they complete their interface.

If you get your domain with netregistry.com.au they will do it manually until the interface is updated so you can do it yourself.

I think there is only 1 other .au registry able to do ipv6 glues and it's by emailing support also.

So use netregistry it will work.