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Earning my Newbie Badge: Can browse IPv6 sites, but can't pass Explorer.

Started by citruswood, January 25, 2011, 09:55:51 PM

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I'm embarrassed to be asking such a basic "I'm stuck" question so quickly, but everything seems to be "just working"...except that the Explorer test doesn't agree.

Here's my setup in a nutshell:

  • Brighthouse (RoadRunner) cable ISP
  • Apple AirPort Extreme (Simult. Dual Band) router running 7.5.2 firmware, configured as IPv6 tunnel
  • Mac OS X 10.6.6 client and Mac OS X Server 10.6.5 server machines on the LAN, both auto-configured for IPv6
  • Tunnelbroker configuration on the router, per instructions http://mehack.com/enabling-ipv6-at-home-with-your-airport-extre

Here's what does work:

  • Perfect 10/10 scores on IPv6 Connectivity Test
    QuoteYour IPv4 address on the public internet appears to be
    Your IPv6 address on the public internet appears to be 2001:470:5:4e3:c62c:3ff:fe10:7105
    Your IPv6 service appears to be: he.net. or tunnelbroker.net
    Note: Your browser appears to prefer IPv4 over IPv6 when given the choice. This may in the future affect the accuracy of sites who guess at your location.
    Your DNS server (possibly run by your ISP) appears to have IPv6 internet access.
  • Able to browse IPv6 websites
    I can access ipv6.google.com, ipv6.cnn.com, etc. with no trouble or error.
  • Able to serve IPv6 content
    My website hosted on a machine on my LAN serves up http://[2001:470:5:4e3:225:4bff:fec5:d8f4]/ just fine (as of the time I posted this). I can access that URL from within the LAN; haven't found a good way to test from outside.

What isn't working:

  • The Explorer test.
    QuoteYour reported Internet Protocol Address is:
    You do not appear to be using an IPv6 capable connection, why not setup a tunnel from Tunnelbroker.net

...but I did set up a tunnel from HE, and I do have an IPv6-capable connection because I've viewed IPv6 content...right?

I'd be happy to provide any additional info needed to troubleshoot my issue.  What I'm thinking is that my browser's preference for IPv4 (as stated in the readiness test results above) might be the trouble, and that I'm not seeing the IPv6 version of the Explorer result page. I've tried Safari 5, Chrome 8, and Firefox 3, all without success. That leaves me without an idea for a direction to go.

Any recommendations?  Thanks!


The test tells you the browser prefers ipv4 not ipv6 so the test gets your ipv4 address.

Note: Your browser appears to prefer IPv4 over IPv6 when given the choice. This may in the future affect the accuracy of sites who guess at your location.


Yeah, I'm able to access the website you provided.

It looks like you'll need to adjust the IPv6 preference level so IPv6 is preferred above IPv4, although that's the it ships from the factory


The only thing I can find is that apples implementation if broken.


But that describes the 6 to 4 problem in 10.6.5, not the 6 in 4 problem you are having unless they broke it more in 10.6.6

It is the os preferring ipv4 over ipv6 if a tunnel is involved.


You could try doing the tests at http://ipv6.tunnelbroker.net/certification/ instead of http://www.tunnelbroker.net/ .  It's configured as an IPv6-only DNS record, so you can be sure you connect to it over IPv6 if possible, despite the preference of the browser.
(There's also http://ipv4.tunnelbroker.net/ , IPv4-only record, handy for when your IPv6 is down and you need to fix it, so the www address keeps taking forever until the IPv6 times out if the browser prefers that.)


I was having the same problem, despite http://test-ipv6.com/ giving me a 10/10. I was finally able to force the test to load over IPv6 by going directly to http://[2001:470:0:64::2]/certification/.