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Are you using a DSL Connection??

Started by UltraZero, February 04, 2011, 08:22:08 AM

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howdy folks.

Thanks for the info.

I actually would like to get the ATT connection to work.  Currently, It's sitting on the desk, on with a wire hanging out of it.  I moved to Cable.

I've been testing the connection and depending  upon where I am on my lan, the speeds change.  Over wireless, I get about 16mbps and on wired, I get around 5mbps.  Go figure.  Well, given the machine on the lan is an old machine with 512meg of memory.   The others are dual core/quad core. Etc.


If anyone knows where I can get the commands for a Semens Speedstream 5100, I would appreciate it. Since I still have the connection, I would like to finish that project and actually know if it was the modem or Protocol 41.  I hate not knowing..

I'm glad to hear your connection is running.  I went through a lot of issues trying to get mine to work.

Well, I've got other issues to deal with like routing protocols and why I can get my computers that are on my lower subnets to get to the net.